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The development of Niobium alloy

Niobium alloy has suitable performance in some application conditions. Other development is still not competitive materials known, use those materials may be dangerous or corrosion. Unless the application on a new topic or the emergence of new applications, or high-temperature Niobium alloy market is limited. When other materials challenges Niobium alloy, especially for C103 alloy used in rocket propelled and satellite positioning field, the cost and the profit can not complement each other. At the same time, the actual flight using these alloys is limited. 

Because we are now using Niobium alloy, which will greatly promote the application of Niobium alloy; or for a good investment project, for example, the manned international space exploration program, or for large scale, a threat to world peace and accompanied by the illegal armed plan. Due to the application of supersonic aircraft, we saw optimistically Niobium alloy has advantages of material, can be used for producing supersonic combustion ramjet engine parts. Generally speaking, the government investment incentives Niobium alloy development plan (especially multiple, parallel) may not happen again. Unless opened up some unique field, new product size increases with the jet protection using the larger size of the cover, may push C103 alloy thin plate in a certain degree of consumer. The old alloy may be re used situation can not occur. Free trade is still dominant, like other special materials, application of Niobium alloy will also be built on the excellent performance and reasonable price basis.

To improve the performance of coating and extend the application of Niobium alloy, good price will promote the application of Niobium alloy at high temperature in the field of the future. Niobium alloy has been proved to have excellent performance and stable reliability. At the same time, because of the lack of interest and attention to new materials, application of Niobium alloy will get very good development and commercial operation.

The main active ingredient of plant extracts

The so-called plant extract is using a suitable of solvent or methods, extracted or processed from a plant ( or a part os the plant ) as raw materials, it can be used to improve health or other purposes. The main active ingredients of it are alkaloids, flavonoids, polysaccharides, glycosides, organic acids and volatile oils and so on.

1. The alkaloids is also named as plant alkali, it is a basic nitrogen-containing organic compounds have significant biological activity or toxicity, it is an important and effective herbal ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine. The chemical properties of it is colorless, taste very bitter,mostly with alkaline, generally insoluble or difficult to dissolve in water and alcohol, soluble in organic solvents,its salts polar is large, and soluble in water alcohol.

2. The flavonoids are widely present in all parts of the plant, especially the flower, leaf area, about 20% of Chinese medicinal herbs contain flavonoids, rich in resources. It has a variety of biological activity, such as: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, antihypertensive, anti-oxidation, detoxification, anti-cancer.

3. More than 10 monosaccharide composition of the polysaccharide compound, such as: starch, cellulose. It can reducing serum cholesterol, anti cancer and regulating immune.

4. Glycosides are sugar and a substance ( phenols, flavonoids ) combination with a substances. The chemical properties of it is colorless, odorless, with a bitter taste, neutral or acid, it can be soluble in water and ethanol.

5. Organic acids are feed of the most effective antibiotics substitutes, anti-corrosion, adjusting intestinal flora.

6. The volatile oils are oils, with volatile, it can be distilled with water vapor out of the oily liquid, most of them have aroma.

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The common penetration enhancer-Azone

The penetration enhancer can promote the primary medicine in the pharmaceutical preparations, faster or more deeply into the skin or through the skin into the circulatory system, so as to give play to the role of local or systemic treatment categories. Ideal transdermal formulation should have the following characteristics: excellent biocompatibility, excellent physical and chemical properties, available and effective, reversible, one-way and economy. The current application of each kind of transdermal promoter have their advantages and disadvantages, should according to the chemical structure and physical and chemical properties of drugs targeted to choose transdermal promoter. There are many kinds of common penetration enhancers, for example by Azone. 

Azone is a kind of colorless to yellowish transparent oily liquid. It is an odorless liquid. And it is insoluble in water, it would form emulsions with water, but is soluble in any various organic solvents. Its role in the performance of penetration enhancers is as following:

1. Have a strong effect on promoting permeability for a variety of hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs.

2. Effect on promoting permeability with concentration dependence, usually produce the best effect on promoting permeability concentration of 2% ~ 6%, and its effect on promoting through are not always increase with the concentration increased.

3. Its effect on promoting permeability is slow and persistent.

4. In combination with other penetration enhancers can often be enhanced penetration effect.

5. Other effects on promoting permeabilities.

Azone has been widely used in the preparation of a variety of topical dosage forms, such as creams, ointments, liniments and suppositories. It can enhance the effect of 2 to 8 times. Can  reduce the amount of main medicinal and reduce adverse reactions. It also has the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-itching effect. The toxicity of this product is very low, external use of adverse reactions is very few. Even at concentrations up to 50% does not cause skin irritation and sensitization. And this product can not compatible with strong acids or petroleum jelly, strong acids to break down, there is a strong affinity with Vaseline, thus weakening its penetration effect.

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